15-18 July 2014 18th International Conference of English Historical Linguistics (Leuven)

Ruano-García, Javier. “”It is common in several of the provincial dialects of England”: English Regional Material in John Russell Bartlett's Dictionary of Americanisms".

November 2013 - 37th International AEDEAN Conference (University of Oviedo)

. Javier Ruano-García: “Looking at the early EDD sources: The contribution of William Nicholson’s Glossarium Brigantinum (1677)”

25-27 September 2013 - Anglo-Spanish Literary Connections Seminar organized by  the Group of Eighteenth-Century Studies of the University of Salamanca and of Kingston University (University of Salamanca)

. María F. García-Bermejo Giner, Javier Ruano-García, Pilar Sánchez-García, [joint presentation]:

“The Eighteenth Century in The Salamanca Corpus: A Digital Archive of English Dialect Texts”

28-30 August 2013 - 5th International Conference on Late Modern English (LModE-5) (University of Bergamo - Italy)

. Javier Ruano-García, Pilar Sánchez-García, María F. García-Bermejo Giner, [joint presentation]: “We must try to get along, as the Americans Say, The Reception of Americanisms in Joseph Wright’s English Dialect Dictionary

14-16 November 2012 - 36th International AEDEAN Conference (University of Málaga)

. Javier Ruano-García: “Filling the historical record of Lancashire English: Evidence from MS Lansd 1033”

20-25 August 2012 - 17th International Conference on English Historical Linguistics (ICEHL 17) (University of Zurich - Switzerland)

. Javier Ruano-García: “Kennett is our authority for the provincial use of the word: The reception of MS Lansd. 1033 in Halliwell’s Dictionary of Archaic and Provincial Words (1847)

29-30 April 2011 - New Methods in Historical Corpora (University of Manchester-England)

. Javier Ruano-García, María F. García-Bermejo Giner, Pilar Sánchez-García [joint presentation]: “A diachronic study of some Lancashire features in the Salamanca Corpus”

07-09 April 2011 - Third International Conference on Corpus Linguistics (University of Valencia - Spain)

. Javier Ruano-García: “The world has got some hint of her country speech: On the enregisterment of the ‘northern dialect’”

November 2010 - Lecture for the University Master on English Studies (University of Seville - Spain)

. Maria F. García-Bermejo Giner: “Regional Variation in English Literature: The Salamanca Corpus.”

30 September-2 October 2010 - 22nd International Conference of SELIM (University of La Rioja - Spain)

. Pilar Sánchez-García, María F. García-Bermejo Giner and Javier Ruano-García [joint presentation]: “Teaching English sounds in diachronic perspective: methods and practice at the University of Salamanca”

23-27 August 2010 - 16th International Conference on English Historical Linguistics (ICEHL 16) (University of Pécs - Hungary)

. Javier Ruano-García: “Bridging the Gaps of Early Modern Regional Lexis: The Case of White Kennett’s Etymological Collections of English Words and Provincial Expressions”

13-15 May 2009 - Second International Conference on Corpus Linguistics (University of A Coruña - Spain)

. Javier Ruano-García: “Lancashire English in diachronic perspective: evidence from the Salamanca Corpus”

12-14 November 2009 - 33rd International AEDEAN Conference (University of Cádiz -Spain)

. Maria F. García-Bermejo Giner: “Sources for the Study of Dialect Literature and the Literary Use of Dialect.”

. Javier Ruano-García: “The Treatment of Early Modern Northern Words in the Oxford English Dictionary: An Evaluation in the Light of the Salamanca Corpus.”

25-26 September 2009 - Workshop on Studying the Representation of Dialect in Literature: How? and Why? (University of Sheffield - England)

. María F. García-Bermejo Giner, Pilar Sánchez-García and Javier Ruano-García [joint presentation]: “The Literary Representation of Vernacular Speech from Early Modern English to the 20th Century: The Salamanca Corpus as a Source for Diachronic Dialectology”

05-09 July 2009 - Middle and Modern English Corpus Linguistics (Universität Innsbruck -Austria)

. María F. García-Bermejo Giner: “Joseph Wright’s Yorkshire Literary Primary Sources for the English Dialect Dictionary

. Pilar Sánchez-García: “Cumberland in Joseph Wright’s English Dialect Dictionary: A Study of its Primary Sources”

. Javier Ruano-García: “Investigating Joseph Wright’s Sources: The Contribution of Bishop White Kennett’s Parochial Antiquities (1695) to the English Dialect Dictionary

07-09 May 2009 - First International Conference on Corpus Linguistics (University of Murcia - Spain)

. María F. García-Bermejo Giner: “The Nineteenth century Representation of Yorkshire Dialect in the Salamanca Corpus.”

. Pilar Sánchez-García: “Depicting Northern English Dialects through Spelling: A Study based on the Salamanca Corpus.”

. Javier Ruano-García: “Looking at Suffixation in Early Modern Northern English: A Preliminary Approach using the Salamanca Corpus.”

24-30 August 2008 - 15th International Conference on English Historical Linguistics (ICEHL 15) (University of Munich - Germany)

. María F. García-Bermejo Giner: “The Southern Dialect in Thomas Churchyard’s The Contention bettwixte Churchyearde and Camell (1552)”

4-8 August 2008 - 13th International Conference on Methods in Dialectology (Methods XIII) (University of Leeds - England)

. María F. García-Bermejo Giner: “Towards a History of English Literary Dialetcs and dialect literature in the 18th and 19th centuries: The Salamanca Corpus.”

. Javier Ruano-García: “Ill tell o how Gilbert Scott sowd is mere Berry: ‘A Lancashire tale’ as a source for Lancashire speech in the Early Modern English period”

20-21 February 2008 - II Seminario Internacional “Nuevos Enfoques en el Análisis de Textos Literarios” (University of Murcia - Spain)

. María F. García-Bermejo Giner: “El Corpus de Salamanca: Un nuevo corpus electrónico de textos dialectales ingleses.”


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