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Lincolnshire Dialect

ding 2011: “ Born in Gainsborough, Lincolshire, in impoverished  circumstances, he had a limited education. He was first a farmer’s boy at Thornock and afterwards became a basket maker. He moved to Nottingham and worked as a journeyman at a basket factory. He later moved to London, working at his trade first to later become a publisher of his own and others’ works. He was a prolific writer of poems, novels, short stories for children and articles on a variety of topics.”

Leclaire (1954: 20): “Of humble parentage; lost his father, a Gainsborough wharfinger, in 1810 and was apprenticed to a basket-maker in Gainsborough. He worked at his trade in Nottingham, from 1832 till 1835, then in London after 1835. Then was a bookseller, and later devoted himself exclusively to literature, including several novels. Enjoyed the friendship of Lady Blessington, Samuel Rogers, W. H. Ainsworth, and even Disraeli.

Besides an historical romance in which he makes Nottingham and Sherwood Forest his scenes, he has given a successful description of rural characters and scenes between Gainsborough and Newark-on-Trent in Gideon Giles, the Roper.”


Gideon Giles, The Roper. 1840. London: James Hayward & Co. SC. EDD Lin.

Leclaire (1954: 70): “The country between Gainsborough and Newark-on-Trent, up and down The Humber Trent”.

Our Old Town. 1857. London: J.C. Brown & Cy. SC . Not in EDD.

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Thomas MILLER (M: 1807 Aug 31 - 1874 Oct 24)

Beauties Of The Country [n|1837]

Royston Gower [f|1838]

Rural Sketches [1839/62]

Fair Rosamond [f|1839]

A Day In The Woods [s|1840]

Lady Jane Grey [f|1840]

Gideon Giles The Roper [f|1841]

Godfrey Malvern [f|1843]

The Poetical Language Of Flowers [n|1847]

Boy's Summer Book, Descriptive Of The Season, Scenery.. [n|1847]

Boy's Autumn Book [n|1847]

Boy's Spring Book [n|1847]

Boy's Winter Book [n|1847]

Country Year Book [n|1847]

Pictures Of Country Life, And Summer Rambles In Green..Places [n|1847]

Rural Annual And Year-Book Of Country Life [n|1850]

Picturesque Sketches Of London, Past And Present [n|1852]

The Romance Of Nature (ed (Elizabeth) Oakes SMITH) [n|1852]

History Of The Anglo-Saxons, From The Earliest Period.. [n|1856]

Country Year Book, Descriptive Of The Seasons.. [n|1856]

Golden Memories, Featuring 'Our Old Town' [n|1857]

Birds, Bees, And Blossoms [p|1858]

The Romance Of Nature [n|1860]

Common Wayside Flowers [n|1863]

Young Grayhead [f|1865]

For further information about his life and works, see:

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Thomas Miller (1807-1874)

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