mrs. g. linnAeus banks




Lancashire Dialect

West Yorkshire

Leclaire (1954: 116-117): “She brought the greatest care to sift her evidence before writing. The scenes of most of her novels are laid about Chester and Manchester.”


God’s Providence House. A Story of 1791. 1865. London: Stanley Paul. EDD Chs.

“Chester and Manchester are the scenes” (Leclaire 1954: 116)

The Manchester Man. 1872. London: Hurst & Blackett. EDD Lan.

“A period of the city – 1799-1831 – described with accuracy” (Leclaire 1954: 116)

Wooers and Winners: Or, Under the Scars. A Yorkshire Story. 1880. London: Hurst & Blackett, Publishers. SC. EDD w. Yks.

Caleb Booth’s Clerk: A Lancashire Story. 1882. Manchester: Abel Heywood. SC. Not in EDD.

Through the Night: Tales of Shades and Shadows. 1882. Manchester: Abel Heywood. SC. Not in EDD.

Forbidden to Wed. 1883. London: F.V. White & Co. EDD Lan.

“The Chester-Manchester district, with the social and economic background: 1778-1804” (Leclaire 1954: 117)

Kingkong Project

           Daisies In The Grass (w George Linnæus BANKS) [1865]

The Manchester Man [f|1876]

Through The Night [s|1882]

More Than Coronets [f|1882]

God's Providence House [f|1883]

Ripples And Breakers [p|1898]

The Making Of William Edwards [f|?]

The Manchester Man [f|?]

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Mrs. G. Linnaeus Banks (née Isabella Varley) (1821-1897)

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