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DING 2012: “ Born in Oswaldtwistle, Lancashire. His father, John Westwall owned a cotton mill which inspired the one in The Old Factory. When he died, William became a journalist and novelist. He spent many years in Switzerland as a correspondent for The Times and for The Daily News.

Leclaire (1954:147): “Born at White Ash, near Blackburn, Lancashire, the eldest son of a cotton spinner. Educated at Liverpool High School. Retired from business about 1870. Only one of his novels is of interest in the regional connection.”


The Old Factory: A Lancashire story. 1881. London: Cassell and Cy. SC. EDD.

Birch Dene. 1889. New York: Harper Brothers. SC. EDD.

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William (Bury) WESTALL (M: 1834 Feb 7 - 1903 Sep 9)

        Larry Lohengrin [f|1881]

        The Old Factory [f|1881]

        Red Ryvington [f|1885]

        The Phantom City [f|1886]

14779        Nigel Fortescue; Or,..An Andean Romance (US: Mr Fortescue) [f|1888]

        A Queer Race [f|1887]

        Strange Crimes [f|1890]

        The Witch's Curse [f|1893]

        With The Red Eagle [f|1897]

        Her Two Millions [f|1897]

        The Sacred Crescents [f|1902]

        Dr Wynne's Revenge [f|1903]

For further information about his life and works, see:

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William Bury Westall (1834-1903)

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