DING (2011): “Mrs Parr first used her pseudonym in 1868. She signed most of her novels under her real name. Although Joseph Wright used her novel Adam and Eve as a source for Cornish English, she apparently also learnt the Devonshire dialect during her frequent childhood stays in Plymouth”.

Leclaire (1954: 139): “Born in London where she lived after her marriage with George Parr, a doctor in Kensington, in 1869. Educated at Plymouth. Two of her books deal with Cornwall. Her father was in the Royal Navy.”


Hero Carthew. 1874. London: W. Isbister & Co. SC. Not in EDD.

“The scene is laid at Mallett, on the Cornish bank of the Tamar.” (Leclaire 1954: 139)

Adam and Eve. Vol. I. 1880. London: Bentley and Son. SC. EDD.

Adam and Eve. Vol. II. 1880. London: Bentley and Son. SC. EDD.

Adam and Eve. Vol. III. 1880. London: Bentley and Son. SC. EDD.

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Louisa (Sarah Ann) PARR, nee TAYLOR (F: 1848 - 1903 Nov 2)

(&ps: [Mrs Olinthus LOBB])

Dorothy Fox [f|1870]

How It All Happened.. [s|1871]

The Prescotts Of Pamphillon [f|1873]

The Gosau Smithy.. [s|1875]

Adam And Eve [f|1880]

Robin [f|1882]

Loyalty George [f|1888]

The Squire [f|1892]

For Further Information about her life and works, see:

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Louisa Parr (née Taylor) (1848?-1903)

(ps. Mrs. Olinthus Lobb)


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