lanoe falconer

(Mary elizabeth hawker)




DING 2012: “Although born in Aberdeenshire, she grew up in Hampshire, at Longparish House, near Whitchurch, where she spent most of her life.”


Old Hampshire Vignettes. 1907. London: Macmillan & Co. SC.

“Stories of life as she knew it in her young days, near Hurstbourne Prior, Hampshire.” Leclaire (1954: 251)

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Mary Elizabeth HAWKER (F: 1848 Jan 29 - 1908 Jun 16) (&ps: Lanoe FALCONER)

Mademoiselle Ixe [f|1890]

15258Cecilia De Noel (ps: Lanoe FALCONER) [f|1891]

Shoulder To Shoulder [f|1891]

The Hôtel D'Angleterre (ps: Lanoe FALCONER) [s|1891]

The Wrong Prescription [f|1893]

   Old Hampshire Vignettes [f|1907]

For Further Information about her life and works, see:

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Mary Elizabeth Hawker

(Ps. Lanoe Falconer)



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