maxwell gray

(Mary gleed tuttiett)



Isle of wight

DING 2012:“Born in Newport, I.W., she lived there until 1895 when she moved to London where she died thirty years later. She wrote essays, poems and novels”.


The Silence of Dean Maitland. 1886. London: Kegan Paul, Trench and Co. SC.

The Reproach of Annesley. 1889. London: Kegan Paul, Trench and Co. SC. EDD.

In the Heart of the Storm. 1891. Leipzig: Heinemann and Balestier. SC. EDD.

The Last Sentence. A Novel. 1893. London: William Heinemann. SC.

Ribstone Pippins: A Country Story. 1898. New York and London: Harper and Brothers. SC.  EDD.

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Mary Gleed TUTTIETT {UK} (M: 1847 - 1923 Sep 21) (ps: Maxwell GRAY)

The Broken Tryst [f|1879]

The Silence Of Dean Maitland [f|1886]

The Reproach Of Annesley [f|1889]

Westminster Chimes.. [p|1890]

In The Heart Of The Storm [f|1891]

The Last Sentence [f|1893]

Lays Of The Dragon Slayer [1894]

A Costly Freak [f|1894]

The Innocent Imposter.. [s|1894]

Sweethearts And Friends [f|1897]

Ribstone Pippins [f|1898]

The House Of Hidden Treasure [f|1898]

The Forest Chapel.. [p|1899]

The World's Mercy [s|1900]

Four-Leaved Clover [f|1901]

Richard Rosny [f|1903]

The Great Refusal [f|1906]

The Suspicions Of Ermingarde [f|1908]

Unconfessed [f|1911]

Something Afar [f|1913]

The World-Mender [f|1916]

The Diamond Pendant [f|1918]

A Bit Of Blue Stone.. [s|1923]

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Maxwell Gray

(Mary Gleed Tuttiett)



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