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                                                                                                                                   Lancashire Dialect

Northern  Dialect


DING 2014:“Her husband’s name was Francis Nicholas Blundell, hence her penname.”

Leclaire (1954: 186): “Born at Killiney Park, Dublin. Educated at home and at Brussels. Settled in Lancashire after her marriage in 1879. Most of her stories are laid in that county and in Dorset. Realism. Lived at Great Crosby, near Liverpool, the scene of many of her writings”.


In a North Country Village. 1894. London: Osgood, M’Ilvaine &Co. Not in EDD.

“Lancashire village life. Near Crosby” (Leclaire 1954: 186)

Town Mice in the Country: A Story of Holiday Adventure. 1894. London: Blackie and Son Limited. SC. Not in EDD.

A Daughter of the Soil. The Times Novels. 1895. London: Osgood, M’Ilvaine & Co. EDD Lan.

   “A romantic story, but the life of the farm and country is beautifully painted. In

      Lancashire.” (Leclaire 1954: 187)

Maime o’ the Corner. 1897. London: Harper & Bros.

        “Liverpool and Lancashire. A moving story of renunciation among the poor.” (Leclaire

         1954: 187)

Yeoman Fleetwood. 1900. London: Longmans & Co. SC. EDD Lan.

“Country life in Lancashire. The love of a yeoman for a girl of higher social rank” (Leclaire 1954: 187)

Pastorals of Dorset. 1901. London: Longmans. SC.

        “Chiefly pleasant. Some during the Boer war.” (Leclaire 1954: 187)

Fiander’s Widow. 1901. London: Longmans. SC.

        “A young widow wooing her elderly husband`s friend for the sake of the farm, which she cannot work alone. The cunning and self-interest of Dorset folk. Cf. Powis, J. C.” (Leclaire 1954: 187)

The Manor Farm. 1902.  London: Longmans.

        “Dorset humours among farm people.” (Leclaire 1954: 187)

North, South, and over the Sea. 1902.  London: “Country Life”, George Newnes. SC. EDD Lan.

“Lancashire, Dorset and Ireland: fifteen sketches” (Leclaire 1954: 187)

Lychgate Hall: A Romance. 1904. London: Longmans, Green & Co. Not in EDD.

“Great Crosby, near Liverpool. A haunted mansion. Simple country folk well described as usual” (Leclaire 1954: 187)

Wild wheat: A Dorset Romance. 1905. London: Longmans.

        “Poor country folk especially well painted.” (Leclaire 1954: 187)

Dorset Dear. Idylls of Country Life. 1905. London: Longman.

        “Tales reprinted from various periodicals. Simple and true to life. Of these, Keeper

           Grippy is the best.” (Leclaire 1954: 187)

Simple Annals. 1906. London: Longman, Greens, and Co. Not in EDD.

          “Lancashire. Working-women, with their joys and griefs.” (Leclaire 1954: 187)

Margery o’ the Mill. 1907. London: Methuen & Co. SC. Not in EDD.

Stepping Westward. 1907. London: Methuen & Co. Not in EDD.

           “The same humble folk.” (Leclaire 1954: 188)

Hardy-on-the-Hill. 1908. London: Methuen and Co.

            “Dorset” (Leclaire 1954: 188)

Galatea of the Wheatfield. 1909. London: Methuen and Co.

            “A gentleman in love with a Dorset peasant girl.” (Leclaire 1954: 188)

The Wild Heart. 1910. London: Smith, Elder and Co.

            “A poacher, his instinctive love for nature, unpremeditated crime and disastrous love.

             Dorset.” (Leclaire 1954: 187

Gentleman Roger. 1911. London: Sands and Co.

            “Love makes a labourer of him, in order to marry a farmer’s daughter.” (Leclaire

            1954: 188)

A Maid o’ Dorset. 1917. London: Cassell & Co.

Kingkong Project

           The Little Rosary Of The Sacred Heart [1886]

Lessons From Our Lady's Life (anon?) [1889]

Whither? (ps: M E FRANCIS) [3v|f|1892]

In A North Country Village (ps: M E FRANCIS) [f|1893]

The Story Of Dan (ps: M E FRANCIS) [f|1894]

Town Mice In The Country (ps: M E FRANCIS) [f|1894]

A Daughter Of The Soil (ps: M E FRANCIS) [f|1895]

Among The Untrodden Ways (ps: M E FRANCIS) [s|1896]

Frieze And Fustian [1896]

The Duenna Of A Genius (ps: M E FRANCIS) [f|1898]

Maime O' The Corner (ps: M E FRANCIS) [f|1898]

Miss Erin (ps: M E FRANCIS) [1898]

Yeoman Fleetwood (ps: M E FRANCIS) [f|1900]

Fiander's Widow (ps: M E FRANCIS) [f|1901]

Pastorals Of Dorset [1901]

The Manor Farm (ps: M E FRANCIS) [f|1902]

North, South And Over The Sea (ps: M E FRANCIS) [f|1902]

Christian Thal (ps: M E FRANCIS) [f|1903]

Lychgate Hall (ps: M E FRANCIS) [f|1904]

The Widow Woos [d|pro:1904]

Wild Wheat: A Dorset Romance (ps: M E FRANCIS) [f|1905]

The Lord's Ambassador.. [s|1905]

Father Anselm.. [s|1905]

Dorset Dear [s|1905]

Simple Annals (ps: M E FRANCIS; ONE of the New Poor) [s|1906]

Old And The Little Maid [d|pro:1906]

Third Time Of Asking [d|pro:1906]

Fiander's Widow (w S VALENTINE) [d|pro:1906]

Children Of Light.. (ps: M E FRANCIS) [s|1907]

Margery O' The Mill (ps: M E FRANCIS) [f|1907]

Stepping Westward [1907]

Hardy-On-The-Hill (ps: M E FRANCIS) [f|1908]

The Duenna Of A Genius (ps: M E FRANCIS) [f|1908]

Madge Make-The-Best-Of-It (ps: M E FRANCIS) [f|1908]

Noblesse Oblige (ps: M E FRANCIS) [f|1909]

Galatea Of The Wheatfield [f|1909]

The Wild Heart (ps: M E FRANCIS) [f|1910]

The Tender Passion [f|1910]

Gentleman Roger (ps: M E FRANCIS) [f|1911]

Honesty (ps: M E FRANCIS) [f|1912]

Our Alty (ps: M E FRANCIS) [f|1912]

Molly's Fortunes (ps: M E FRANCIS) [f|1913]

The Story Of Mary Dunne [f|1913]

The Child's Book Of Prayers In Time Of War [n|1914]

Dark Rosaleen (ps: M E FRANCIS) [f|1915]

Pastorals Of Dorset (ps: M E FRANCIS) [f|1915]

Penton's Captain [f|1916]

A Maid O' Dorset (ps: M E FRANCIS) [f|1917]

Little Pilgrims To Our Lady Of Lourdes [1917]

The Things Of A Child (ps: M E FRANCIS) [f|1918]

Beck Of Beckford (ps: M E FRANCIS) [f|1920]

Rosanna Dew (ps: M E FRANCIS) [f|1920]

Renewal (ps: M E FRANCIS) [f|1921]

Many Waters [1922]

The Runaway (ps: M E FRANCIS) [f|1923]

Young Dave's Wife (ps: M E FRANCIS) [f|1924]

Lady Jane And The Smallholders [1924]

Cousin Christopher (ps: M E FRANCIS) [f|1925]

Napoleon Of The Looms (ps: M E FRANCIS) [f|1925]

Golden Sally [1925]

Idylls Of Old Hungary (ps: M E FRANCIS) [1926]

Tyrers' Lass (ps: M E FRANCIS) [f|1926]

Mossoo [1927]

The Evolution Of Œnone [1928]

Wood Sanctuary (w Margaret BLUNDELL) (ps: M E FRANCIS) [1930]

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Mary E. Blundell (née Sweetman) (1855-1930)

(ps. M. E. Francis)