Mary Linskill



North Riding of Yorkshire Dialect

Leclaire (1954: 136-7): “Born at Whitby, Yorkshire. Her father was a worker in jet, the  chief industry of Whitby. She painted her own county and native town. She had a perfect knowledge of nature and men, and her pictures are both realistic, proud and tender. She loved the sea.”


Tales of the North Riding. 1871. Published under the pseudonym Stephen Yorke. London:          Smith and Elder, London . EDD North Riding Yks.

    “North Riding of Yorkshire folk portrayed” (Leclaire 1954: 136)

The Haven Under the Hill. 1886. London: R. Bentley and Son. London. EDD North Riding


    “Whitby, essentially. But she goes as far afield as Leeds” (Leclaire 1954: 137)

Hagar: A North Yorkshire Pastoral. 1887. J. Clarke & Co. London. EDD North Riding Yks.

    “Yorkshire coast and country folk” (Leclaire 1954: 137)

Cleveden. 1892. Published under the pseudonym Stephen Yorke. London: H. S. King. SC. Not in


In Exchange for a Soul. A Novel. 1887. London: Chatto & Windus. SC. EDD North Riding Yks.

    “How a Yorkshire fisher-girl rises to be the wife of the Squire” (Leclaire 1954: 137)

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Mary LINSKILL (F: 1840 Dec 13 - 1891 Apr 9)

(&ps: Stephen YORKE)

Between The Heather And The Northern Sea [f|1891]

Cleveden [f|1892]

The Haven Under The Hill [f|1892]

Tales Of The North Riding [s|1893]

The Magic Flute [f|?]

For further information about her life and works, see:

Hewitt, Jan: 2007. "'Such Girls As You Would Hardly See Anywhere Else in England ...':

    The 'Regional Feminine' of Mary Linskill's Fiction". In Christoph Ehland. ed.  Thinking

    Northern: Textures of Identity in the North of England. Amsterdam: Rodopi:  117-38.

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Mary Linskill (ps. Stephen Yorke) (1840-1891)

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